Wanda L. Scott

Wanda L. Scott


Book Synopsis:

Are you one of those people who has always sensed that there has to be something MORE than just church as usual? Well what your heart has been longing for is the power and promise of the Kingdom of God……

In her latest publication Power and Promise, the 2nd book in the Identity for Life Teaching Series, Wanda continues to build us up in the Word of God. Power and Promise compels us to experience more of God’s power in our everyday lives. In this book agreement with God’s Word helps us understand the power that is provided by the Holy Spirit to fulfill ALL the promises we inherit through grace and obedience. Since we have received the love and forgiveness of God through Christ Jesus, we are also partakers of His Power to bring the kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven! The 28 Identity Principles in Power and Promise enable you to agree with God for power to obtain His promises.

About The Author:

Wanda L. Scott is a Leader. She is a Speaker, Author, Educator and Consultant. Wanda is known for her smiles, hugs, and her ability to turn a room full of tired, distracted people into an audience of encouraged and hopeful note-takers. Wherever she goes she is able to foster community and set an atmosphere of service and learning. Whether that is in a College classroom, doing Corporate training, teaching Bible study, or leading a group to feed the homeless in her community, Wanda loves as she leads. “When you educate others in a manner and atmosphere in which they can learn, it enhances their understanding and encourages further use and implementation of that knowledge.” Wanda has a background in the technology field, extensive training experience, and does continuous educational research to be able to creatively weave knowledge together to energize and challenge her audience. Wanda’s previous positions in corporate America have sharpened her leadership and training skills working with customers in the areas of technology in large corporations, such as Bridgestone and Microsoft to government agencies such as the IRS and U.S. Department of State. Wanda holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Hampton University. She holds a Graduate Certificate in the area of Leadership Development for Minority Managers and Leadership in Technology Integration. In addition to that Wanda also has her Masters of Education all from the Johns Hopkins University. Wanda L. Scott is the author of A Lifetime of Relationships: Letter’s, Poems and Words of Love. Her 2nd book is called, “I” Can Relate: How Not to Lose Yourself in Relationships takes a candid look at how to have peace regardless of who you are in relationship with. Wanda’s latest releases Life and Love: For Life & Love You Have to know What you are in Agreement With! and Power and Promise: Living your Life with Power fulfilling God’s Promises on Purpose are part of the Identity for Life teaching series. Wanda L. Scott is a licensed and ordained preacher. Rev. Wanda L. Scott is a sought after Conference Speaker & Teacher. She owns WLS Enterprises. She is a native of Nashville, TN. For more information on Wanda L. Scott, visit www.WandaLScott.com