Vernessa Blackwell

Vernessa Blackwell


Book Synopsis:

The road to recovery after the loss of a loved one can seem hopeless and endless. As no stranger to tragedy, author Vernessa Blackwell understands the paralyzing effects that can be caused by the deaths of loved ones, especially when you feel there is nowhere or no one to turn to. In The Grief Helpline, Blackwell opens up about the many devastating losses she's experienced and how she was able to heal and eventually find joy where she didn't think possible. With this devotional, Blackwell inspires your journey to grief recovery and joy restoration with daily thoughts, verses, prayers, and challenges, as she walks you through the five stages of grief: shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

A place of healing may seem unreachable at times, but if you speak to God and learn to face your grief, you will restore your happiness, piece by piece.

About The Author:

Vernessa is a certified Grief Coach and Joy Restoration Strategist , offering an alternative to traditional problem solving. As a Change and Loss coach, through her personal coaching, she listens and co-creates problem solving strategies to help others quickly overcome the greatest hurdles holding them back in life whether they struggle with bereavement, grief, loss of a spouse, loss of a pet, or simply a major change in life.

Through her unique grief coaching services, Vernessa solves conflicts and sets a new standard of renewed strength, calmness, simplification and productivity to help others avoid falling back into their old ways and habits. It is through this distinctive co-creative process that she helps her clients rewrite their story, change the way they see themselves and change the way other people see them as well.

Dealing with loss requires more than strength and endurance. It requires constant guidance that helps an individual deal with change in a positive manner and make the best of his/her abilities. Vernessa's approaches stem from the need to change. Being a motivational personality she helps people look at their situation from a fresh set of eyes and be ready for the change