Tieshena Davis

Tieshena Davis


Book Synopsis:

Are you an author who is confused, frustrated and tired of telling everyone about your book, and not seeing the money in your bank account to support your hard working efforts?
Think Like a Bookpreneur is a crash-course for authors, and that "ah ha" tool to remind you of the possibilities, opportunities and advantages of being a brilliant writer! In this conversational and action-oriented book, award-winning entrepreneur and Forbes contributor, Tieshena Davis shares her expert advice and bite-sized guidance on how to use your book as a launch pad to build a profitable business model for long-term success beyond book sales.

While reading, you'll constantly have tons of "light bulb moments" as you learn:

*The fastest ways to generate money from your book.
*How any author can smoothly transition into entrepreneurship.
*How to stand out from your competition with your core message.
*Non-traditional marketing and sales strategies.
*Why author branding is important for platform building.
*How to create a simple 1-page business plan.
*How to quickly increase your visibility and credibility.

If you're stuck trying to figure out what to do next–it's a no brainer. Read this book, show up, dominate and be great!

About The Author:

Tieshena Davis, simply known as Tie, is a prolific writer, multi-bestselling author, and the founder of Purposely Created Publishing Group, an international award-winning publishing firm specializing in author branding and development. She's also the creator of the Indie Author Legacy Awards (IALA), an annual ceremony honoring modern impact-centered writers who serve as unsung heroes within our communities by promoting social awareness, education, and personal transformation.
She appears widely at public events, training entrepreneurs on how to create, package, and monetize their writing to grow their business. Known for her funny, edgy, and direct approach, Tie has become a highly sought-after publisher and a trusted adviser to hundreds of authors through her speaking and consulting.

Recently recognized by Examiner.com as "2015 Best of the Best in Publishing" and honored as one of DC's 100 Metro Phenomenal Women, Tie was selected as a Forbes Coaches Council Member and a Prince George's County Maryland Forty Under 40 Honoree. Her expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Forbes, Rolling Out, Publishers Weekly, and other numerous media outlets. With grace, excellence, and a great passion to serve, Tie Davis has become a key influencer to many worldwide.

Meet her and receive free training at www.AskTieDavis.com