Sherrita Berry-Pettus

Sherrita Berry-Pettus


Book Synopsis:

A smart and confident little boy named Ahmari shares a little pep talk to little brown boys in the world. Ahmari makes friends with the reader and shows them why it's important to love themselves as themselves. He teaches the reader that they can be smart and brown!

About The Author:

Mrs. Sherrita Berry-Pettus M.Ed. is a mommy, educator, and author. Mrs. Berry-Pettus is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where she earned her masters in Urban and Minority Education, a B.S in Early Childhood Education, and a B.S. in Family Science. She enjoys playing with her boys and teaching children.

Mrs.Berry-Pettus is the author of Rock On With Your Afro Puffs, Smile Bright Chocolate Prince, I'm Brown and I'm Smart, and I'm Brown and I'm Pretty! She successfully authored and published four books in less than a year. For more information about Mrs. Berry-Pettus, like and check out her Facebook page - You can also follow Mrs.Berry-Pettus on Twitter @MrsBerryPettus and Instagram @mrsberrypettus . Mrs. Berry-Pettus is available for book events.