Sherrell Duncan

Sherrell Duncan


Book Synopsis:

God Made Me Wait by Sherrell Duncan with Natasha T. Brown identifies and confronts the toxic realities that hold women back. This transparent book of self reflection will empower you toward a journey of purging and obedience to God through prayer, planning, writing and declaring YOUR forever.

Through intimate prayers and moments with God, the authors demonstrate how women can strengthen their faith, solidify their future and break free from the strongholds of tragedy and sin. God Made Me Wait includes a 14-day devotional and journal.

About The Author:

Sherrell Duncan is a former model and agency owner, who was well-known in the DC nightlife. In 2010, she became a depressed, emotional eater and alcoholic after the birth of her first child. She gained over 90 pounds after her daughter was born, making her over 300 pounds. Due to being overweight, she developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, suffered from heart palpitations and chronic headaches. Her life changed on January 4, 2013 when she had a minor heart attack scare at work. She was rushed to the hospital to learn that her weight was the cause of her health complications. She began seeing a trainer and a nutritionist. She completely turned her life around and decided to eat clean and workout daily.

Sherrell created The Good Thick, LLC in October of 2013. Now, as a full-time, self-employed Certified Health Advisor, Sherrell and The Good Thick offers a plethora of products, personal health training, weight loss plans, nutritional tips, and a Queens Empowerment Hour bible study. She has loss 101 pounds following The Good Thick plan and has coached her female clientele-base of nearly 50 women to their weight loss goals. Sherrell's story is an inspiration to women who have felt hopeless in their weight loss goals, and have battled with self-esteem, depression and health issues as a result. Her life's mission is to inspire total body transformations.

On October 1, 2016, Sherrell married the love of her life Alfred Duncan, and their wedding inspired the world. Now, through the #ForeverDuncan movement, she serves as a relationship mentor, speaker and author alongside of her husband. God Made Me Wait is Sherrell's debut book. -