Shani Mcilwain

Shani Mcilwain


Book Synopsis:

No one said life would be fair. Still, we suffer the pain of loss, addiction, and rejection. And no matter what we do, it seems to suffocate us, leaving us feeling powerless to stop it. But the truth is, we can do something about this pain—we can submit wholeheartedly to God. And through this submission, we can transform our pain into purpose.

Over the course of thirty days, It's Time To Make A C.H.A.N.G.E. will challenge you to change your life through Christ. Each day provides a scripture reading, a meditation, and a specific call to action that will help you overcome self-doubt, bitterness, anger, and selfishness. To complement each reading, Shani McIllwain shares personal stories of her own struggles and journey toward a stronger faith and a deeper sense of fulfillment, inspiring you to give control to Christ so He can lead you to something greater.

All it takes is one step, and that step begins now. With trust in God and an abundant faith in Jesus Christ, you can cultivate the purposeful life God has called you to.

About The Author:

Hilarious and transparent are two words that describe Shani as a speaker. Known for her candid personal stories she weaves her “messy” moments of life into practical teaching moments for others. Shani McIlwain is the host of her own BlogTalk radio show that airs every Monday night where she shares love, light, and life with thousands of listeners across the country. Shani motivates her audiences with practical principles to be effective in all areas of life. Shani’s transformative messages help people change their mindsets, shift perspective and maximize the potential within.

Shani is the author of two bestselling devotionals Sharing My Mess: 90 Days of Prayer and Spiritual Intimacy with God and It’s Time to Make a Change: 30 days to renew your mind, heart, and soul. Using prayer as a catalyst for change, Shani teaches audiences how to apply prayer habits into daily practices. Always looking forward to teaching and inspiring others, look for Shani McIlwain in a city near you! Follow the journey at or social media @ShaniMcilwain