S. Monique Smith-Person

S. Monique Smith-Person


Book Synopsis:

I Am the Ancestor is a book written by a 46, 47 or 48-year-old woman who is the genesis, the beginning of her family. Known as Symbolie Monique Smith - sometimes - the author undoubtedly believes that she was abducted around the tender age of two and, as a result, has no accurate records of herself. After 15 years of endlessly searching for answers, Smith decided to tell her story before in an attempt to leave behind a true legacy for her four children. I Am the Ancestor is an inspirational account of the life of one living in a world with no links, no attachments and no real existence. Symbolie Monique Smith said, "This book will not only be a way for me to share with my children the life's identity of their mother, it will make them aware of our unidentifiable past while touching the soul of every possible role player!"

Author Monique Smith, or so she is called, recently discovered that the woman she has known to be her mother throughout her life is of no relation to her.

On her quest to find answers, Monique found no trace of her biological parents or possible siblings and no concrete leads from police officials.

About The Author:

S. Monique Smith-Person is a powerhouse in her own right. With a solid history of results and major accomplishments in the male-dominated industry of construction, S. Monique continues to mentor newly established companies, develops strategic partnerships that allow for growth and increased exposure of the company as well as its owners and remains a pillar in the business community by her leadership and association with the Local Contractors Association, Maryland Minority Contractor Association and ABC Contractors Association.

Smith-Person continues to receive accolades, awards and recognition for her tireless efforts to level the playing field for minority owned enterprises in the construction industry. An Activist against the abduction and trafficking of missing children, Smith-Person continues to advocate for heightened awareness around providing safe environments for children. Founded in 2013, Known As Monique’s mission is to continue to spread awareness about missing children – whether minors or adults – as well as provide education and resources to end child abductions. Her book, I am the Ancestor, Before I Die, I Must Share my Story, tells her personal story of how she was abducted from a Bronx hospital in the late 60s and how she has led a successful life as a wife, mother and entrepreneur. Smith-Person believes that charity begins at home and as such, has successfully funded major events for Known As Monique through personal donations from her company – The Ultimate Concierge. Smith-Person has garnered the support of several construction industry partners that believe in her mission and want to advance its initiatives, not only on a local level but on a national level.

As a missing adult, Smith-Person continues to search for her biological family in hopes of no longer being a missing child but instead be the daughter, granddaughter, cousin and niece to a family that no doubt longs to have her there. Ms. Smith-Person currently resides in the Baltimore, MD area with her family.