Michael Banks & Shannon Morgan

Michael Banks


Book Synopsis:

On the shopping spree for love, you sometimes pick up the wrong man that doesn't seem to complement you at all. And then what do you do? Store the disappointment in the back of your mind and search for someone new. Sounds logical and practical, right? Well, it wouldn't be the worst decision ever if we were talking about hiding an ugly dress or a pair of shoes that fits too tight in the back of your closet. But this book is designed to discuss practices that lead to unfulfilled companionships between men and women; highlighting how the behavior of storing unresolved issues in the back of your mind is never a good look.
Mr. Right Meets MisUnderstood takes the reader through a process of self-reflection to identify and combat issues that could stand in the way of finding their Mr. Right. Ladies, you will walk away with the knowledge to appreciate the art of "window shopping" before you commit to a man that is only intended to fill a temporary position in your lives

About The Author:

Michael Banks was born on September 5, 1988 and is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He received his education through the Baltimore County School system and graduated from Lansdowne Senior High School. Throughout his childhood Michael was dedicated to his love for sports. It wasn’t until his later years that he acknowledged and embraced his gift as a writer. He started out writing raps with his childhood friends, but it didn’t take him too long to realize that he was misusing his gifts. Michael was introduced to spoken word and fell in love. His devotion to performing his poetry landed him a position on a relationship panel where he was able to use his former relationship experiences as a tool to teach. After sharing his advice and opinions on matters of the heart, Michael decided to join forces with his older sister to partner in writing their future best-selling novel, Mr. Right Meets MisUnderstood. The idea for this book was derived from some of Michael’s own relationship experiences. With using shopping as a metaphor to tap into the minds of women, it was guaranteed that they would have unprecedented success. Michael gave his experience and God given wisdom while Shannon used her creative writing ability to create this best-seller.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Shannon S. Morgan was the first of her mother’s three children. It was in her hometown where she discovered her passion to write. She escaped defeating realities like drugs, violence, and poverty, by creating short stories of happier places. Later, she would challenge her creative abilities by developing short plays for her cousin and neighborhood friends to perform on their front porch. Shannon always had the spirit of giving. She would selflessly donate her time and love to anyone in need. Expanding on her natural desire to be of service to others, Shannon created an organization for mothers who lost their identity while being a mom. This organization was called Savvy Sassy MomMe. Savvy Sassy MomMe started a goodwill initiate by providing resources to women and their families to aid them in areas that they felt were lacking. By this time in Shannon's life, she was busy taking care of her family, running three businesses, and attending college. With most of her time occupied, she still managed to carve out a few minutes of her day to indulge in her first love, writing.. At Howard Community College, Shannon took creative writing classes that inspired her earlier works on her first blog, Savvy Sassy MomME. And from that exposure, Shannon claimed her current position at Howard Community College as a writing coach. In 2013, Shannon teamed up with her brother, Michael Banks, and began writing Mr. Right Meets Ms. Understood, a book designed to reveal the unhealthy practices of women looking for their perfect fit.