Micaiah James Young Sr.

Micaiah James Young Sr.


Book Synopsis:

Made In His Image, But His Shadow is all I’ve Seen lends a bird’s eye view into the life of a young man who has discovered the reward of finding his father after many years of not knowing if he was even still alive. In the process, he becomes a father himself. We all have a story to tell. With as many parallels, sentiments and common strands they may have, no two of them are exactly the same. Whatever your story is, this story has a way of connecting to the base of all human experience. Readers will find strength, healing and resolve through each page of this book.

You are ever so warmly invited by the author to join the peregrinated pace as he shares one of the most painful realities of his own life. After decades of privately managing pain by avoidance and self-medicating, the cure has been found in confession and confrontation. Everyone has a story, but not everyone is willing to tell it or even admit it. “My life story is very eventful and has many suspenseful twists and turns. Writing this book has been a journey of self-discovery, personal healing, and inner strength.” – M. James Young, Sr.

According to the 2012 US census, one in three children, or approximately 15 million children, live without the presence of a father. Though there are many who cannot relate to what it feels like to not have a father in the home or in their life there is a significantly high number of those who do. This book resonates with those who will learn through empathy and with those who can sympathize. It’s one thing to share the same shoe size, yet another to walk a mile in the same pair.

Shadows are produced as the result of rays of light being blocked by a body between that light and a surface. Made In His Image, But His Shadow is all I’ve Seen unlocks the mystery of what that thing is that comes between the light and the surface.

About The Author:

Micaiah James Young Sr. is a gifted man passionate about life, ministry, and the advancement of persons overcoming hurt and loss in pursuit of victorious living.

Micaiah has given himself completely to discovering his true purpose for being. In the process of this journey to self-discovery, he has not withheld the wealth of experience, knowledge, and uncanny wisdom he has gained along the way. Whether it is preaching or teaching in a ministerial capacity or sharing as a motivational speaker or workshop presenter, he has captivated audiences of all ages with his charismatic message and liberating testimony.

He is an educated man with advanced degrees in psychology and theology, yet his greatest accomplishment, as he would say, is being a family man first. He is a devoted husband and doting father, neither by default or inherently but both deliberately and intentionally. Micaiah decided at an early age that the man he wanted to see in the mirror would be the epitome of “God’s man.” He has worked tirelessly to be his best at whatever he has put his hands to. He has met every new phase and chapter of his life, no matter how uncertain, with the same level of courage. Success and failure along the way has only provided fuel to continue.

He is employed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a Chaplain at The Racine Correctional Institution, where he provides spiritual care for nearly 2,000 men. As the founding pastor of The Life Center Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he provides ministry and pastoral care to countless families on a weekly basis. With more than twenty years of consistent work in ministry, Micaiah has a proven track record of commitment and dedication. Such loyalty has been the platform that gives his voice credence. Being in touch with his generation gives him relevance; having his finger on the pulse of culture gives him grounding; and having his ear open to the voice of God gives him peace and the boldness to go forward, leading an audience eager for destiny and purpose.

His latest book, Made in His Image, But His Shadow is all I’ve seen, provides an in depth look into his journey of overcoming the pain of fatherlessness and finding success.