M. Reese Everson

M. Reese Everson


Book Synopsis:

Sexual harassment is an ugly reality in many workplaces. Yet, no one teaches young women how to navigate this pitfall of the modern workplace? How can we expect women to successfully navigate the workplace with this distinct issues present? How does a young woman win in the workplace without knowing what sexual harassment looks like and how to respond to sexual harassment?

The B.A.B.E.’S Guide to Winning in the Workplace is an essential manual for millennial women entering the workforce because it inspires and educates women to the challenge of sexual harassment, and provides them the tools to empower themselves to succeed despite this reality of the workplace. Attorney Reese shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated work culture and how she learned to stand up for herself in the face of sexual advances from her superiors. Through these experiences, Reese provides inspiration and education to her readers who may be facing similar situations Using her lessons and the examples of twelve Biblical women, the B.A.B.E.'S Guide takes readers through the important life lessons that can be learned from the challenges that they faced, as well as practical applications of these lessons to modern, everyday life. This book provides tools for navigating the workplace to B.A.B.E.s who want to thrive in their careers without compromising their morals, values and integrity. If you know a young lady entering the workforce, buy her copy now!

About The Author:

M. Reese Everson, Esq., graduated from top universities, only to be told that in order to advance her career, she had to compromise her morals. She changed paths from law to pursue her dream career in politics, but continued to run into the same problem of sexual harassment. As a rising star on Washington, D.C’s Capitol Hill, she was repeatedly presented with the opportunity to get ahead by having sex with those in power. This lead her to becoming a social entrepreneur and her passionate launching of "B.A.B.E.s in the Workplace" to answer to the question, "How do we prepare our beautiful, ambitious, brilliant, women of excellence for the challenges they may face at work, while keeping their dignity, morals and values intact?"