Lesia Banks

Lesia Banks


Book Synopsis:

The book privileges the individual to take ownership for life-altering changes. Banks posits that our human connections matter, and we need to plug into the ones that work well. A goal of the book is to help people improve career connections. However, the tools provided benefit both personal and professional connections. Making those connections is something she argues that we can proactively do in our lives and that we should consciously set out to accomplish. What the book affords is an opportunity to not only hold the mirror up, but tilt it 360 degrees around your life for a full view of your connections.

The book is dosed with powerful, motivational quotes from renowned leaders, entertainers, and writers such as General Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, and Dale Carnegie, an iconic writer on self-improvement. There are a host of ways to encourage people to change their lives. Some of the quoted individuals illuminate what might not always be obvious, for example, this quote by Oprah Winfrey: “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already filled with those who want to bring you down.” Memorable quotes like this one are threaded throughout the book and provoke thought on perseverance through professional challenges and personal adversities. Career guidance can cover a number of topics; however, this book works to hone in on the connections that can strengthen or bind an individual. It provides agency to people who use the book to empower their lives by using the exercises and resources to make personal changes. Banks walks people through a process of examining connections for their relevance and importance. She also notes not to fear disconnecting from those who are not in support of your success and wellbeing.

About The Author:

Dr. Banks is the founder and CEO of Dr. Lesia M. Banks Enterprises, LLC, a career coaching and organizational leadership consulting practice and is a certified global career development facilitator. With regard to coaching she focuses on three areas: career coaching, doctoral dissertation coaching, and small business development coaching. She is a thought partner and consultant in organizational leadership theories and practical implementation. Dr. Banks has more than twenty-seven years of federal government experience to include serving in various leadership positions in numerous executive branch departments. Her responsibilities have encompassed the entire spectrum of human capital management to include conducting hundreds of job interviews, hiring and training employees, supervising diverse staffs, and managing multi-million-dollar budgets.

Dr. Banks serves as a Technical Coach for President Obama’s Youth CareerConnect federal grant initiative. Her role as coach affords her the opportunity to provide technical assistance to school systems in six core program areas: Integrated Academic and Career-Focused Learning, Employer Engagement, Individualized Career and Academic Counseling, and Work-Based Learning and Exposure to the World of Work. In this role, she is assigned to the largest public school system in the entire United States; the New York City public school system, which hosts over 1.1 Million students, in more than 1,700 schools with a budget of nearly 25 Billion. Other schools under her purview also include public schools in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York. Dr. Banks is also a consultant to Prometrics; an international organization tasked with developing course exams for universities and colleges around the world.

In 2014, Dr. Banks authored her first book: C3 CreatingCareerConnections (A Pre-College to Career Enrichment Guide). Her second book, All Connections Matter, Change Your Circumstances by Changing Your Connections (An A to Z Guide to Checking Your Connections: Are They Stretching Your Vision or Choking Your Dream?) was released July 2017.

Dr. Banks holds an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Police Science, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology/Law Enforcement with a minor in Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Conflict Resolution. Dr. Banks is also a 2012 Harvard University Fellow.