Keisha Mabry

Keisha Mabry


Book Synopsis:

Transitions can be exhilarating and frightening, thrilling and trying, inspiring and mixed with a little bit of crying. But friends and support systems make everything better and connections make transitions easier to weather. In this book readers will learn how to:

* Make friends everywhere: on planes, on trains, in lines and while they dine
* Be connectors not a networkers and yes there's a difference
* Connect with 21st century techniques like hashtags, swag, podcasts, retweets and street teams
* Share their "who" not their "do" when meeting peeps that are new
* Use 100 creative techniques to curate new friendships while cultivating the friendships they already have

About The Author:

Keisha Mabry is a friendworking friendspret (friendship expert) who travels the world teaching people how to make friends everywhere. And when we say everywhere, we do mean everywhere. On planes, on trains, in lines and while she dines! Keisha’s #friendworking philosophy is routed in the who of the person, not the do of the person. Who they are versus what they do for a living. It’s story sharing and people caring, and Keisha’s been #friendworking for more than 10 years. She starts every conversation the same, what’s your story, and will teach you how to do it too—100 ways with 100 people in 100 days. Starting today!

New you, new goal, new grad, new role, new startup, new state, new career, new mate? Connect with 100 people in 100 days to feel zen, get in, earn wins and make friends! Learn more at p.s. Keisha is on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter too @KeishaMabry!