Katrina Denise

Katrina Denise


Book Synopsis:

Aria is a smart, talented and pretty young girl who struggles with
bullying and low self esteem. Since she only believes that other people
are pretty or popular, she constantly seeks validation of her worth by
going to the mirror. Unfortunately, the mirror only reveals the images
of those have teased her, along with a fuzzy image in the middle. That
is until one day when something happens that helps her realize the
Message in the Mirror; a message that was there all along;"Always
Believe in the Power of You."

About The Author:

Katrina Denise is an educator and mom of two beautiful children. She is
a native of Maryland and a product of the Baltimore City Public School
System. Katrina is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC,
and currently works as a proud educator in the Howard County Public
School System.

As an educator Katrina watched children overlook so many great books
because they could not relate or see themselves in the characters.
Katrina witnessed her daughter at the age of four, select novels simply
because the cover displayed an African American child sporting natural
hair, and that resonated with her more than the well-known books. As a
result of this experience, Katrina knew her passion for writing had
turned into a mission for literacy. Her expertise as an educator for
over fifteen years has helped her to connect with parents, and meet the
needs of students by highlighting quality literature.

​Her first book, The Message in The Mirror was released in November of
2016, and aims to help young girls realize that beauty is more than skin