Ginger White

Ginger White


Book Synopsis:

In this real life tale of sexual misconduct, affairs and political sideshows of he said she said. You will read of how one woman's very private and personal life quickly became one of public humiliation.

Get lost in the story of this strong and determined Black woman decided to risk it all when she decided to stand up for what was right. In doing so she lost everything. Her reputation was ruined and her life was thrown into the spotlight of extreme and harsh criticism. Not to mention the constant and continued denial of the truth by then Republican candidate Herman Cain.

About The Author:

Ginger White currently resides in Washington, DC. She’s married and a proud mother of 2. Daughter, Alexandria 26 and son John 24. Ginger has been a world traveler in her life. She and her family have traveled many beautiful countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Greece and their beautiful Greek Islands, not to mention the amazing places right here in the U.S. Growing up Ginger was considered a bit of a tom boy! She enjoyed the outdoors and always played rough! The muddier and dirtier she got the more fun she had. As a young girl her family saw something special in Ginger and new her future was bright. Ginger was a girl with big dreams of succeeding in life. One dream in particular was of being an author. This was a dream she thought would never happen as her idea of famous writers and authors was the opposite of who she was. She always felt authors were much more interesting and exciting than she could ever be. One of her favorite writers was the famous mystery writer Agatha Christie. She would read Christies books and picture herself right in the middle of the mystery! This was exciting to Ginger almost as much as the actual solving of the mystery itself. Mysteries and suspense were her favorite as a girl. Until she decided to take a creative writing class in college. Her professor at the time happened to be an accomplished author himself. She shared with him from the beginning her aspirations of being an author but yet doubted her ability. The two of them hit it off immediately. He saw something in her she didn’t see in herself. He gave her the freedom and courage to not only love reading these great books but consider writing one of her own. He gave her the classroom platform to practice expressing herself on paper in a way she was either too afraid of doing verbally or was just unable to. This professor gave her the confidence in believing she could write anything she set her mind to. His teachings and motivating words inspired her many years later to write her first book, Strength in Numbers. In the process of releasing my next two books, Bobby Turner Forgotten Legend and Girl Please!