Gail Bingham

Gail Bingham


Book Synopsis:

Teaching is the New Slavery is a teacher's memoir-journey to answer one question: What would I rather have--peace or freedom? This book is about how a public school teacher's problematic experiences in her profession are related to an ongoing system of slavery that continues to disavow freedom in education and hurts the education of children of all races but particularly children of color and children of low socio-economic backgrounds. The book shares how the American teaching profession is in this profession which serves as the gateway to nearly every occupation in the world does not garner the appropriate honor and importance in society much of the challenges facing teachers are created by demanding parents, problematic supervisors/coworkers and potentially poor working conditions. The book describes a culture of jealousy, persecution, retaliation, abuse, bullying and harassment as a means to control teachers, which ultimately drives many teachers to leave the profession. Teacher attrition rates are to a large extent attributed to the pressures teachers face from administrators and other members of the community due to an expectation that teachers are solely responsible for student success and failure. The book explores how the mistreatment experienced by teachers has led to tragic outcomes and simply quitting is the least of the effects on the lives of educators if they do not get the support they need within the system. The author says when teachers are denied support and in fact, unfairly demonized, it simply isn't good for the children.

About The Author:

Gail Bingham's memoir was recently featured at the 2017 ASALH (Association for the Study of African American Life and History) luncheon, a recent literary cafe event and has been featured twice on a radio show in previous years. ​

She is a 25-year veteran Educator/Program Coordinator/Media and Resource Specialist in public school education. She received her Bachelor's degree in English from Hampton University and her Master's degree in Education from Howard University. She has executive produced a children's television show through her business FACES E.P.T. where she helps youth research and realize careers in media and the arts. ​

She is currently retired from teaching as she transitions into a new career of writing/editing, production, consulting and advocacy. Ms. Bingham has served the community as an NAACP State Adviser where she chartered the first Jr. Youth Council in Maryland. She has also served as a PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) Delegate, and is currently serving in media roles for her church and other organizations. Her most significant achievement is parenting her 17 yr. old son who has attended a Princeton University Scholars Program for two summers and is a scholarship recipient as he pursues a career in business and the visual arts.

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