Ernestine Kiah-Thorpe

Ernestine Kiah-Thorpe


Book Synopsis:

A short story that poses the question “Can one event change the person with who you become?” This will become a visionary movement of empowerment designed to motivate future generations. Do More, Be More is in response to the growing epidemic of violence, and discrimination that has spread through our nation. Audiences will be challenged to see beyond what the eye captures, encouraged to make conscious decisions not based on physical attributes, but by looking beyond the surface to see people for who they really are, not the characteristics that define

About The Author:

I never knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I always wanted to have an impact on lives beyond my time. Writing has always been a passion, but I thought I would be a singer, then a lawyer... followed by a school teacher. Instead, I followed a career in retail management spanning 13 years. After having great success in that industry, I realized that it was financially lucrative, yet emotionally unfulfilling. Accidentally I stumbled into workforce development and found my true passion... people. There I was able to change lives by helping displaced workers return into the workforce. We weren't just finding "jobs" we were selling "hope and possibilities". In this career it was then that I discovered that so many people are broken to the point that they have nothing left to give. So little that they are often unable to instill positivity into their own children. What I also noticed is that when you are servicing hundreds of people in a week, the process is mentally draining on you! As an outlet, my first book "Little Miss Prim & Proper" was created.

Since then, I have also authored "The Dream Within", "Miriam's Revenge", "Do You See Me", and "Book Life". Along with these accomplishments, I have also had the pleasure of visiting schools within the Philadelphia Region for book readings and speaking engagements. I think it is safe to say that I have found my passion!