Ericka L Mcknight

Ericka L Mcknight


Book Synopsis:

It's a story of how Mrs. McKnight navigated through bevy of obstacles ranging from dealing with disturbed family members to her journey of becoming a successful visionary coach, real estate mogul and educator and philanthropist. Often times in life we accept the labels others place on us or in which we identify- Its time to learn how to Silence The Noise; uninstall the negativity by removing the labels and reprogramming our mind, soul, body & spirit.

About The Author:

Ericka L. Mcknight is a wife, mother, best selling author, real estate mogul and educator and philanthropist. Her teachings, training, selling real estate and mentoring others has impacted thousands local and aboard.

Recipient of numerous awards:
Entreprenuer Award-2012, 2014, 2017
Former Charlotte Mayor & Preisdent Barack Obama Anthony Fox-Special Recognition Awardee
Trail Blazer Award
Influential African American Female Business Owner Award
And numerous of others...

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