Dr Shirley Pierre Robertson

Dr Shirley Pierre Robertson


Book Synopsis:

Five Undeniable Truths To Propel You Into Your Purpose takes the reader on a transformational and provocative journey of self- discovery, to confront the hidden truths that are undeniably theirs. It is a journey of genuine deliverance that is meant to alter your present trajectory and place you on a new pathway to be and become that which the Creator intended for you to be, from the very inception of time. As the Who, Why, What, When and Where of your existence is apprehended, understood and accepted, your passion for living a life on purpose emerges. In this place of change and freedom, vision is corrected and dreams are pursued with the resilience and brilliance that is yours to have.

About The Author:

Dr. Shirley Pierre Robertson is the Founder and CEO of Designed To Shine International, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has an earned Doctoral degree in Education with a dual specialization in Organizational Leadership and Human Services Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Dr Pierre Robertson is also a Master’s prepared Mental Health Professional from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD. She is an Ordained Minister, Retired Adjunct Professor, Christian Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and a Certified Professional Wellness Trainer with the Professional Woman Network.

Dr Pierre Robertson is a well-recognized, esteemed, and experienced Mental Health Professional with over 40 years of purpose driven leadership within the national and international communities as a clinician, educator, executive and entrepreneur. She is a highly articulate communicator and emboldened catalyst, who advocates and champions the urgency for a new life changing conversation regarding mental health and its pervasive impact on individuals, families, communities and the nation as a whole. As a Retreat Facilitator, Life Coach and Transformational Speaker who identifies with the power of personal vision, Dr Pierre Robertson is quite adept at utilizing the duality of mental health and spirituality to work outside of the familiar. She is a skilled and gifted agent of change, who incorporates diverse and provocative strategies to gently persuade individuals to self-discover their inherent and immeasurable potential and purpose for being.

As a woman of vision, passion and purpose, Dr Shirley Pierre Robertson is resolute in her quest to utilize Designed to Shine as an all embracing and wide ranging outcome-based, Kingdom focused initiative. Her “deep smarts” is a known reality to those who have experienced her talents to successfully alter their self-defeating behaviors, and embark on a pathway to turn their life story into a passionate and purpose driven future. For this reason, Dr Pierre Robertson has recently competed the writing of her first book: YOUR PURPOSE YOUR PASSION: Five Undeniable Truths To Propel You Into Your Purpose. It’s a provocative and transformative journey of self-discovery, intended to confront the hidden truths that are undeniable yours to accept.