Danielle Carin Dunn

Danielle Carin Dunn


Book Synopsis:

“When challenges come as they may, I tell myself: “I WILL find a way!”

Ivylocs is faced with the challenge of helping save her closest aunt’s wedding day from disaster. A running theme in the children’s series, Ivylocs makes expert use of her curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills to solve everyday problems.

Ivylocs is a precocious professional problem solver, who when using her magnifying glass, activates her super power problem solving abilities. Instead of using the magnifying glass to make the problem bigger she uses it to magnify herself. She then becomes bigger than the problem she faces.

About The Author:

Danielle Carin Dunn is the author of the IvyLocs book series. The first installment, IvyLocs, Episode 1: Tee-Tee’s Wedding was published in April 2016.

Dunn is a proud Detroit Public School graduate and alumnus of Eastern Michigan University, where she majored in African-American Studies and English, Language and Literature.

Her writings and opinions have been featured in the Detroit News and the National Black Women’s Roundtable on the State of Black Women in Michigan report. A dedicated community servant, Dunn is the recipient of a Spirit of Detroit Award for “Dedicated Community Service” and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for “Outstanding Community Service.” She writes to marry her love of language and storytelling with activism.