Courtney R. Rhodes

Courtney R. Rhodes


Book Synopsis:

Life can be a struggle toward greater achievement, and too often we let our hopes and dreams fall to the wayside in the interest of ease and comfort. Avoiding this fate is a matter of self-discovery, discipline…and marketing.

Courtney R. Rhodes is a brand building and marketing strategist and has worked with numerous socially conscious brands that dedicate themselves to serving those in need. Through years of working with these companies, Rhodes noticed a commonality in each brand’s approach that allowed them to accomplish their goals while supporting their communities.

In this book, Rhodes breaks down those key factors that allow the discovery and promotion of your best self. In finding your authentic, passion-driven self, you will find the means and energy to chase new opportunities, complete those tasks you’ve long put off, find new career options or clients, and ultimately realize your fullest potential.

This book will serve as your accountability partner in your endeavors, providing best practices culled from corporate branding, marketing communications, and advertising principles to help you grow your brand and guide you to your ideal self.

About The Author:

I teach socially conscious organizations, entrepreneurs, and influencers how to package their services, position their brand, and market themselves to maximize their profitability. In our digital age, people who are willing to commit to their dreams and work their plans are building businesses around the lives they’ve envisioned for themselves. While establishing a strong brand platform and marketing that brand is a layered process, it can serve as your accountability partner along your journey through realizing your freedom and fullest potential (a PASSION focus, PURPOSE driven, PACKAGE properly + PROFITABLE life). A by-product of dreaming big, branding smart, and blazing a trail in your life. What are you waiting for? Let’s change the world- one business, one blog, one book at a time. MAKE YOUR MARK + BUILD YOUR LEGACY because only you can!