Christopher Signil

Christopher Signil


Book Synopsis:

Taking Matters into Our Own Hands is the decision of activists, leaders, politicians, clergy, and concerned citizens to use their influence to its highest potential, in both conventional and nonconventional measures, to shine a light on unjust beatings and homicides of unarmed African Americans.

Violence permeates our society, but when that violence comes at the hands of those charged with protecting us and upholding the law, public trust is shattered, and the rights to which every citizen is entitled are called into question. We must let the perpetrators of these unjust beatings and homicides know that a foundation built on lies and cover-ups cannot stand.

This is not the idea of engaging in unlawful, divisive forms of protest or rhetoric, but rather coming to the conclusion that you are the agent of change that you want to see—that all individuals are qualified to use their voices, their cell phones, their social media, their music, their resources, their legal minds, their political connections, their creative ability, their God-given talents, whatever they may be, to let the world know that this unjust killing must come to an end!

About The Author:

Christopher Signil, is an ordained minister who has served in several ministerial assignments for most of his life. He has extensive experience in public service and working with non-profit organizations. Christopher has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Virginia State University, he has completed Graduate study at The John Glenn Institute at The Ohio State University in Public Administration, he has a Master’s in Political Management from George Washington University. He is the author of Race, Faith and Politics: 7 Questions Every African American Christian Must Answer.