Bonnie Stinson & Frank Leslie Bond III

Bonnie Stinson & Frank Leslie Bond III


Book Synopsis:

Yes, the tide has changed and we now have Donald J. Trump in the White House as our President and Commander in Chief. While some are anxious and concerned, particularly after the heart wrenching disappointment of Hilary Clinton supporters, this ought not be the case. We as a people should be in control of our own destiny regardless of who is at the helm. What does this mean for African Americans? Nothing profound other than the fact that we have to continue to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions as we seek to better our lives and make an impact on the society in which we live while striving for success!
Success should never be unintentional, and facing adversity should never be an obstacle to achieving success. This is a truth that the contributors to Now Go Run and Trump That know all too well. After
facing an array of situations that could have easily destroyed their dreams and deferred their destiny, each has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and achieved a measure of success to be marveled by many.

The pages of this fine work serve as living proof that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and determination. It's not about where you've been; where you have the potential to go is more important. It's not about the odds that were against you; the odds that you were able to overcome carry far more weight. It's not about who you know; who have you impacted in such a way that you cannot be forgotten is the bigger question.

If you ever thought there was more to life than the adverse circumstances you've faced and their subsequent outcomes, this book is an absolute must-read. It's destined to become a number one best seller! Read it and be encouraged, enlightened, equipped, and empowered!

About The Author:

Frank Leslie Bond 3rd
Author, Motivational Speaker-Consumer Advocate
Frank Leslie Bond 3rd says he's a very disciplined person and his life runs like a well-oiled machine. People who know him may think he's excessively organized, but secretly they wish they shared his level of discipline. Discipline is the ability to set goals, manage time, accomplish what's important, measure results, and maintain an overall balance in life. Without discipline, achievement grinds to a halt.
Frank is a very passionate individual and ready to take on the world. The greater the challenge, the greater your accomplishment. Frank's making a difference in this world, and people know it. Hard work moves him towards his goals... but it's the passion to press on no matter what obstacles are in his way that's going to lead him to achievement. Every time. People who live in the two have a continuous flow of passion.

Frank is a risk-taker at heart, he tends to thrive when challenged and while his willingness to tackle a new adventure may get the adrenaline pumping, at times it can be his greatest weakness. Risk is a measure of your willingness to step out of your "comfort zone." Success often requires change, and the road is often paved with new challenges that defy complacency. Those not willing to change live a life like everyone else. And those who accept risk get to live like no one else.

Frank's positive nature is what attracts people as well as opportunities to him. He has a genuine sense of self and finds value in simply being. Frank has a gift that most average people desire, and now his time is in high demand by others. You are what you think about, so it's no surprise that happy people are just happier. And those who tend to be more positive usually benefit from more success, more satisfying relationships, and more wealth.

Frank's interpersonal skills shine in just about any situation, whether at work, at home, or with friends, he's learning to master the art of building relationships and now use it to his advantage. His charismatic, people-first nature has taken him far in life. Relationships are pivotal to overall success. These include not only personal relationships, but also the ability to deal with people. Negotiating. Selling. Public speaking. Regardless of the trade, these factors are all necessary for ultimate success.