Robin Smith

Robin Smith


Book Synopsis:

'Little Black Girl' is an empowerment tool, to loving yourself inspite of your hue, for only a steady head totes the crown. It speaks boldly of value, self respect, beauty and possibilities, truly it's a mothers embrace to empower! to 'knowing', for it is only then that your head is lifted, your back is straight, and your walk is strong. Black Diamonds walk in your beauty for it speaks your name. Empower to love.

About The Author:

Robin Smith is an Author, Wife and Mother, her pieces of work includes Children books titled: Little Black Girl, Young Black Man, Binky Lemonade, Brista Broom, Ava Eyes, Imagine The Ice Princess, and Corals Reef, Robin has also written Novels titled : My Blues Can't Get Any Bluer, Tomorrow's Promise, and 24 Karat Black, as well a Screenplay mention of :'On The Backs of My Sisters'.

Robins passion for writing has always fueled her soul, and with the purest of intent she writes to elevate and instill.